Who is "Samurai Incubate"

Hello we are Samurai Incubate.
We are the world’s MOST COMMITED incubator.
Here are 7 Advantages & Differentiators of Samurai Incubate.

1. Highly dedicated team with the Samurai spirit!


2. Entrepreneur training and support with Over 200 events annually


We are a huge global network with investor and co-working space and organize events over 10 cities so far in the world.And also we encourage entreprenership in local area in Japan.


3. A Global Hub connecting the world to Japan

Our mission is "World's innovation hub of startups" .We organize over 200 events every year at SSI and 50 startups use SSI right now.


4. High-volume deal flow with prompt and honest feedback

You can apply for our incubation program at here if you are interested in the following terms.


5. High performance with frequent and long-term mentoring

We communicate with our startups with frequent and long-term mentoring

incubation program

6. Strong alliances with Japanese investors, media and clients

We collaborate with investors,media,enterprise and government.

7. Value chain from 0 to 100

We generete opportunity of innovation with Over 200 events,incubatees,SSI.

incubation program

We are seeking the partners who can work together internationally.

We are seeking partners who has an ambition to build the worldwide business with various collaborations.If you are interesting with working with us please contact us!